Emotional blasts!

Every day is not the same.

One day, is this way, the other day is another.

Things doesn't turn out the way you wanted

Either you go with the stream or swim against it.

One day you take it as it is

The other you do what you have to do

Next day, you're in hell

And the day after you're in heaven

Day to day is  a roller coaster

Every hour can be a roller coaster

Every day brings surprises

Every day brings unexpected emotions

One day you feel happy

The next you're sad

Another day you're confused

Every day gives emotions

Never will I stay put

Never will I feel the same

Cause new expectations awaits

From day to day.

Never will I be myself

Cause every day I change

Skipping, changing personallaty

From this to that one

But still I am the same


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